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About Neighbors Alliance

Neighbors Alliance is a family-owned & operated insurance agency located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Since 2018, we have served individuals, retired couples, business owners and families with their insurance and financial needs. We charge nothing for our online and in-person resources, including private "open-clock" insurance and financial consultations. 


As an independent agency specializing in all lines of insurance, we have access to your options in the independent market, as well as many limited distribution proprietary solutions for Life, Health, Annuities, Medicare, Disability, Long-term care and more.


Our needs based approach begins with understanding and listening to your current situation and the needs that you want addressed. From there, we take our time provide unbiased, open-architecture education, coupled with easy-to-understand technology to spreadsheet and compare an industry of options.


Have insurance questions and need assistance? Consult with us at no-cost!

Connor Flores

President, Neighbors Alliance
Insurance Professional

Connor Flores, is a dedicated, licensed independent insurance broker born and raised in Clearwater Florida. With over 6 years of experience in the field, I am deeply committed to helping individuals achieve their financial aspirations while ensuring the security of their hard-earned assets. As an advocate for financial well-being in the community, I specialize in crafting personalized insurance solutions that provide comprehensive protection. My journey is fueled by the belief that safeguarding what people have worked tirelessly for is paramount, and I take pride in being a partner in their journey towards a secure and prosperous future. 

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Rashawn Rucker 

V.P Of Sales 
Insurance Professional

Rashawn Rucker an independent Insurance Broker with over 5 years of experience in the Industry with many more to come. Providing Excellent Service in, while simultaneously teaching Financial literacy and Asset protection throughout my experience in the industry. Born and raised in St.Petersburg, a Florida native that uses his knowledge to provide exceptional Protection while bringing a deeper mutual understanding to all. Dedicated to your future, family and protection  


Moe Suleiman 

Multi Line Insurance Specialist  

Meet Moe, an Orlando native and a seasoned, licensed insurance broker. With a passion for community empowerment, Moe is an advocate for personal growth, dedicated to simplifying insurance and contributing to the financial growth of individuals. Moe provides tailored and comprehensive solutions that ensure financial security and foster long-term prosperity.


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